During my last move I collected a ton of old CD’s, a cell phone, broken ear buds and an old charger. At first thought I was going to throw it all away so I could move with no junk in tow, but an inner voice no, there has to be a different way.

Electronic waste is a growing issue as our society is technology driven and addicted to the constant upgrade.

Currently about 80% of E-waste ends up in landfills and incinerators, which can release toxic chemicals (like lead, which causes damage to the nervous system and kidneys) into the air and ground water.

The irony is that most electronic waste is actually not waste at all. Cell phones contain a ton of copper, silver, gold, and palladium, which can all be reused for future products.

Thankfully recycling or trading in a smart phone is easy and local municipalities and business often have weekend drop off locations for electronics.

If you are in spring cleaning mode or moving, Best Buy offers a convenient drop off box at the front of most of their stores where you can drop off most anything from cords, DVD’s, gift cards, remote controls and much more.

Another option is to encourage your company to spend a $100 or so on a Techno Trash Can from Green Disk. This will provide everyone at the office easy access to recycling old electronics.

Together we can increase the statistics to ensure our air and water supplies stay clean and vital!