Whenever spring time is near I always begin to think about my liver. This seasonal cycle is a wonderful time to do a bit of external and internal cleansing, and the liver is key.

If the liver went on vacation life would end in about 24hours.

Its the largest internal organ of the body (the skin being the largest external organ), is about the size of an American football, weighs about 3lbs/1.4kg, and can be found under the ribs in the upper right part of the abdomen, just below the diaphragm.

The liver is a key player in health and vitality as it is a storehouse of iron which provides energy, it makes bile which helps the body absorb fats and fat soluble vitamins, and it breaks down hormones, detoxifies germs, and filters out drugs, alcohol and day to day environmental toxins.

This primary organ is remarkable in its ability to regenerate and heal itself when damaged. However with today's level of nutritional abuse and chemical toxicity regeneration is often hampered.

Also although the liver excels at removing toxins it also stores chemicals and substances it is not able to cleanse.

The good news is that through specific practices and herbs we can create space and give time for the liver to heal and return back to optimal functioning.

How do you know its time to help your liver?

Excessive fatigue nausea, lack of motivation, depression, sluggishness, headaches, loss of appetite, dark urine, and mental confusion to name a few.

A liver cleanse has to begin with the kidneys and colon in mind to ensure these organs are able to process and help remove any toxins that will be excreted from the liver during the healing protocol.

Liver Healing Protocol:

1. Ensure you are staying extremely hydrated throughout your day.

2. Avoid processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and animal foods. If you feel you need animal foods to survive eat clean fish in moderation.

3. Focus on consuming more Alkalizing Foods click to look at chart. Lots of green veggies.

4. Cleanse your colon first (if the recommended amounts below do not agree with your body reduce or discontinue right away)
-Colon Specific Probiotics: take 5 capsules 20min after breakfast and 20min after dinner for 9 days.
-Colon Specific Herbs: take 2 tablets before bedtime for first 2 days, increase to 4 tablets on day 3, and 6 tablets on day 5, until you run out.
-Triphala: take two capsules in AM and two in PM for first 2 days, then increase 4 both AM and PM until you run out. (buy two bottles as you will use this again after your liver cleanse)
*note that triphala is powerful on its own so you could skip the colon specific herbs if need be

5. Support the Liver with Liver Rescue: Follow directions on bottle eventually building up to 12 capsules a day until you run out.

-For even more also add this Ayurvedic Formula to the mix. 2 capsules AM and PM.

6. Take Triphala once again after you complete the liver cleanse, two capsules in AM and two in PM until you run out. As this will take some time begin to integrate more of your regular eating but as best you can avoid low quality, processed, and sugary foods.

-For even more also add Neem a blood cleanser to the mix.

7. As your body will be handeling more toxins feel free to support your immune system and lymph with daily inversions, turmeric, and added zinc.

Remember that on any cleanse sometimes things get worst before they get better especially if you have been off track with your eating and life rituals.

At the same time monitor what is unfolding and reduce above amounts or discontinue the cleans if negative symptoms become extremely intense for 3 or more days.

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To a healthy liver!!!