Avocados seem to be regular visitors to my lunch time meal and although I know how heathy they are I often forget the ins and outs of why they are such a potent food.

As I relished in the soft delicate texture and sweet taste of my avocado I decided it was time to brush up on what this super food is all about.

Avocado is a fruit and as with many fruits and veggies its nutrients are concentrated right underneath the skin. It is recommended to nick and peel the avocado to ensure you are consuming the dark green area.


Avocado is great for digestion as it has a ton of fiber, it promotes heart health, has anti-inflammatory benefits, and is an excellent blood sugar regulator.

One of the most important health benefits of avocados are their ability to bolster nutrient absorption from other foods. "Many fruits and vegetables, including carrots, spinach and tomatoes, are packed with carotenoids, such as beta carotene, lycopene and lutein. These nutrients have been linked to risk reduction of various diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. But recent studies have shown that unless vegetables are consumed along with fat—with [avocados], for example—the body can barely absorb the carotenoids and get them into the bloodstream where they work their magic." *

So what are you waiting for...its time for an avocado...and if you haven't surprised your friends yet with this amazing chocolate avocado pudding...get on it!

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